Wacky Key Contest

Here's your opportunity to show off your creative skills.  Build a crazy key and enter it into the wacky key contest.   The idea is to build a working key or paddle from anything (like a toaster).  Use your imagination and come up with something off-the-wall.  The crazier the better!
Check out this link for some ideas:  OH6DC - Strange Keys

WA0ITP's wacky key page with OzarkCon 2008 photos
Toaster Key

There are only two contest rules:

1. You can't use any parts from a "real" key.  

You must demonstrate the key or paddle by sending some CW.  You can bring your own code practice oscillator or keyer or you can use the one we provide.  Anyway, we have to be able to copy your sending.

Your fellow OzarkCon registrants will be the contest judges and they will select the wackiest key.
There will be a contest judging form in your registration package.
Prizes will be awarded!