Mike Heitmann, NØSO

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Mike was first licensed as N0NEB in 1991, but his interest in building and experimenting with electronics and radios started when he received an Archer regenerative shortwave receiver kit as a boy back in the 1960s.  Building that kit and hearing the signals it received seemed like magic, and he was hooked on radio for life.

Mike enjoys building and operating QRP gear, and consequently has an array of small QRP rigs and accessories, both kits and homebrew.  The list includes an Elecraft K2 with the 100 watt amp and automatic antenna tuner configured as "K2 Twins" and most recently an Elecraft KX3.

Mike enjoys tinkering and experimenting with new things as much as he enjoys operating.  Curiosity about Software Defined Radios (SDRs) prompted the purchase of a Flex-1500, and later on a Flex-3000.  The SDRs now serve as the main rigs in his shack.  He enjoys casually operating CW, RTTY, PSK and SSB, Sometimes even running non-QRP power levels.

Mike also enjoys experimenting with the newer digital voice modes such as D-STAR and FreeDV and has contributed to the software development of the D-STAR software programs D-RATS and CHIRP, and to FreeDV.

Mike is a member of the St. Louis QRP Society, president of the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society - St. Louis and is member of ARRL. He is also registered Radio Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America for the Electricity, Electronics and Radio Merit Badges, where his goal is to give the youth of today the opportunity to experience the magic of radio and electronics.

Mike resides in St. Charles, Missouri with his lovely XYL of 37 years, Janice.

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