Mike Malone, KD5KXF

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Mike Malone KD5KXF is an extra class licensed ham whose focus is on QRP HF using equipment he has built himself.

He was an active member of The North East Texas QRP club and was member of the Tornado\u2019s Fox Hunting Team as well as participating as a fox.

He is a proud member of Flying Pigs QRP International as FP 214, before being a Flying Pig was in vogue and was around in the old days when it was a question whether we would be kicked out of QRP-ARCI events such as FDIM.

He is active with his local repeater club and has just finished two years of Presidency in The Ham Association of Mesquite.

He enjoys gear construction of all types and has owned fairly high end gear such as the K1, K2, and K3 but preferring simpler and more portable gear.

He is happiest at a picnic bench with some kind of field setup, meandering the bands but hanging close to the QRP frequencies on 20 and 40 meters when QRP activity is up.

Mike is 48 years old, married, with children and like most of you does not have an unlimited budget for his hobby.

When not playing around with ham gear he enjoys fishing, hunting, sailing, and other general tom foolery.

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