OzarkCon QRP Conference
Kit Building Workshop

Friday Evening, April 5, 2013
The Midwest Homebrewers QRP Club coordinates and supervises the OzarkCon Friday Night Build Session.  Never built a kit or have questions about building ham projects?  Here's your opportunity to learn from the experts.

This year's build session kit is the 4S-Link (pronounced Force-Link). This nifty little kit connects you to the digital radio world. With proper software all sound card digital modes can be employed using this interface.

The circuit design provides complete isolation between your rig and your computer's sound card, thereby preventing ground loops and providing solid, reliable operation. Complete control of both transmitted and received signal levels is attained through potentiometer adjustments. Of special interest is the 4S-Link may operate with your iPad, Smartphone and any other device that can run an app, has microphone input and sound output.

The 4S-Link features two NMØS trademarks: innovation, and an attractive and rugged copper clad board enclosure with black soldermask and white silkscreened control and jack labels.

The build session is limited to 40 participants.

The price is $25. That price is good only during pre-registration, and availability is limited to one kit per person.  If pre-registration doesn't fill the build session, kits will be available at the door for $35. You should be able to complete the kit to the test stage in approximately 2 hours.



The instructors for the evening workshop will be Dar Piatt W9HZC and Darrel Swenson KØAWB. Dar and Darrel will guide you through the building process, starting with the "bag of parts" to the finished project. First time builders welcome!

A large room is reserved so that seating will not be a problem.  The sessions are limited to 20 persons so that the instructors can provide plenty of 1 on 1 help.   The instructors may however specify one big group rather than 2 smaller ones, depending on the project and the number of attendees.  Please check with them at the conference before the banquet.

Pre-register now and save $10.
We are prepared for a large group this year, and we hope to see you in the Build Session.
For the workshop, you will need to bring your own hand tools for the session:
  • Soldering iron with a stand. A small tip on the iron is suggested. This could be a simple 25 watt iron with a bent coat hanger stand.
  • Damp sponge to clean the soldering iron tip
  • Rosin core solder - Kester "44" or similar. Note that we will have some spare solder available.
  • Small wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Magnifier and/or light
  • Cookie sheet with upturned lip to catch stray parts, to reduce static discharge damage to components and to protect the table surface