OzarkCon QRP Conference
Kit Building Workshop
Friday Evening - April 5, 2019

This year's Build Session kit is an entry level CW transceiver for the 40 meter band, the Cricket. The Cricket is a minimalist 40M crystal controlled CW transceiver designed to be a simple, easy-to-build project, yet very functional. It is comprised of only 43 components, but maximizes features and performance of each of those components. It will take approximately 1 hour to build, leaving time for testing and room to room QSOs. The builder will be able to use it during the KØN QSO party and room to room QSOs and round table chats.
    Voltage Input: 9v battery, clips mounted to board. Dave will be supplying the entire class with free batteries!
    Receive Current: <20mA typical
    Transmit Power: 0.75w, typical
    Transmit Current: <80 mA
    Operating Frequency: 7.030 and 7.122 MHz, crystals included.
    Antenna Connector: BNC, on board
    MDS: -105 dBm, typical - good sensitivity.
    Audio jack: 1/8 Stereo
    T/R Offset: 600 Hz, typical
    Sidetone: Included!
    Key: Included!
    Toroids: None!
    Wiring: None!
It bears a family resemblance to the well known but much lower performing Pixie. However it is very different and vastly improved over the Pixie. This is NOT a Pixie, it is far superior! It features low parts count, MOSFETs for better receiver sensitivity and switching, and a modern NJM2113D audio amp. An TX/RX offset is included so that you can work other stations that have zero beat you, or are using a crystal on the same frequency. Full QSK and a sidetone complete the essential operating features. Dave's famous etched spiral coils are included on the pc board, so there are NO TOROIDS to wind. Additionally a straight key is included on the pc board, just snap it off, mount it on the board, and the whole rig is then self contained. These are many features for such a low parts count, fun, and and inexpensive transceiver.
ALL THROUGH HOLE parts make this kit very easy to assemble in approx. 1 hour. The price of the Build Session kit is $20, and is selected and paid for during the registration process. You must attend the session for this special price. It can be purchased later, in the Knights room or online, but the price will be higher.

This is a great fun & fellowship activity for all, experienced builders or not, so plan to attend and enjoy AND you will get to carry home this years nifty kit selection that you built. Pre-Registration is necessary as there is a limited number of the kits available for the building session.
Attendees will need to bring their own hand tools for the session.
  • Soldering iron with a stand. A small tip on the iron is suggested. This could be a simple 25 watt iron with a bent coat hanger stand.
  • Damp sponge to clean the soldering iron tip
  • Rosin core solder - Kester "44" or similar. Note that we will have some spare solder available.
  • Small wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Magnifier and/or light
  • Hilighter to mark off parts as they are installed
  • Cookie sheet with upturned lip to catch stray parts, to reduce static discharge damage to components and to protect the table surface
Four State QRP Group volunteers
coordinate and supervise the
OzarkCon Friday Night Build Session.

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